A message from Katie Dalebout, author, speaker and host of iTunes top 200 podcast Let It Out:

Want to host a podcast but not sure where to start?

Five years ago, I was in exactly the same place you’re in now. I loved listening to podcasts. The hosts felt like friends, the vast range of pod topics fascinated me, and I desperately wanted to host a show of my own. I knew I had a lot to talk about, but I had no clue how to reach out to potential guests, which microphone to use, or how my podcast would magically appear on iTunes and reach people’s ears. I didn’t know how to create a show that would attract engaging guests and engaged listeners, and I felt completely lost.

Now, over 200 episodes later, I’ve interviewed guests I consider heroes, I’ve hosted live episodes for wildly enthusiastic Let It Out friends (Thank you!), and perhaps most rewarding of all, I’ve helped dozens of other podcasters get started. Podcasting has been the most rewarding project of my life.

Get this, though: for the first few years, I was totally winging it. The resources I needed to ensure pod success just didn’t exist. That’s why I built Let [ a podcast] Out: a guide, support and inspiration for starting a podcast without really trying. 

That's why I've produced this workshop to guide you step-by-step from podcast concept to your first episodes… and beyond!

Love, Katie