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Chrisy Harrison Food Psych

Christy Harrison

Food Psych

"You have to leap without a net at
first and think of it as an investment
that you are making in this project
you want to do and you’ll figure
out how to monetize it.

Jess Murnane

Jessica Murnane

One Part Podcast

"When you’re thinking about
starting a podcast, think about how
it can be a brand.

Thats so Retrograde

Elizabeth and Stephanie

That's So Retrograde

"Any good art that really hit the soul is something that comes from truth. With podcasting I think the authentic factor is a crucial part that appeals to people."

the lively show

Jess Lively

The Lively Show

"If people are thinking about their
fears more than about why they’re doing the thing, they're going to have
so much resistance and that's
going to go into their show


Aaron Dowd

of Simplecast and host of The Podcast Dude

"One of the things I love about podcasting is that it’s almost better when people do the little weird things they do or when they have a show that’s ‘a little bit wrong’ in a few ways."

How to be less old

Emily Foster and Deanna Chang

How To Be Less Old Podcast

"One of our goals of every podcast
is that somebody who is listening
can take away something new
that's in the world that they may
or may not have heard before.”

Caroline Dooner

Caroline Dooner

The Fuck It Diet Radio

"This is a great platform for me to connect with people on a personal level that sometimes writing can’t do."

Captivate the Room podcast

Tracy Goodwin

Vocal Coach and host of Captivate the Room

"You have to commit to revealing
your voice as you really are.

The On Call Room

Abbey and Bri

The On Call Room

"Even the icky parts of
podcasting feel rewarding.

Being Boss

Emily and Kathleen

Being Boss

"There is a lot of grace, and connection and meaning when it comes to podcasting as a form of media."


Krista & Lindsey

Almost 30 Podcast



Podcast Producer and Co-Founder of Pineapple Street Media


Jessica Ortner

Adventures in Happiness

"So much around your voice
and what the podcast will be is
going to unfold as it goes live.

Chiquita Paschal

Chiquita Paschal

Host & Audio Producer


Clay Carnill

Audio Producer

"You have the ability to create something on a global scale that
20 years ago would be unthinkable.

Allison's Headshots final

Allison Behringer

Host & Producer of BODIES

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