let [a podcast] out is a comprehensive workshop for anyone looking to host, produce, and launch a podcast of their own.

This 8 module how-to-podcast workshop is designed to answer every question you have about podcasting, making it easy for you to start a podcast without really trying.

What you get out of the Let [a podcast] Out Workshop
by Katie Dalebout of Let It Out

  1. Over 100 hours of interviews with top podcasters like Jessica Murnane of One Part Podcast, Elizabeth and Stephanie of That's So Retrograde, Christy Harrison of Food Psych and many more.
  2. Comprehensive audio lectures from me, Katie Dalebout of Let It Out Podcast, including concept and idea, voice development, the art of interviewing, guest outreach, show marketing, and monetization.
  3. Resources including email templates, guest tracking excel spreadsheets, sample scripts and more.
  4. At-your-own-pace homework to keep you organized and on track to launch.
  5. Accountability and a deadline. This course includes an incentive to utilize the information you learned. Each student has the opportunity to participate in a contest where one winner per semester will have their episode featured on Let It Out Podcast.


  1. Private Facebook group for let [a podcast] out students only.
  2. Two live coaching calls with Katie Dalebout where you can workshop ideas or ask questions about anything covered in the course.
  3. A lecture with a vocal coach and an audio engineer.
  4. A chance to have your episode featured on Let It Out Podcast.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have the tools to:

  1. Launch your podcast on major podcast platforms.
  2. Share ideas, obsessions, and musings and create community around the things you love.
  3. Connect and collaborate with people who inspire you.
  4. Feel comfortable interviewing both in person and remotely.
  5. Feel cozy with the technology and equipment you need to get your podcast started.
  6. Produce consistent podcast episodes on a schedule that works with your lifestyle.
  7. Strategically grow your podcast listenership at a steady rate each week.
  8. Use your podcast as a tool to promote and elevate your brand and creative work.
  9. Understand and implement strategies to financially support your podcast.

Ready to let [a podcast] out?

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